Bifocal Lenses

Give up the two pairs of glasses and decide to use one! Bifocal lenses are the classic option if you need both distance and near glasses.

Bifocal Lenses


Bifocal lenses are the solution for those who prefer the variant with two single vision lenses gathered in one.

Optim FlatTop

Optim Round

Optim Executive

Optim Smart

Bifo_Optim-scaled-1.jpg Bifo_Optim_Smart-scaled-1.jpg

See the differences between FlatTop and Smart range

Choose the right lens for your needs.

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Modern bifocals have no visible addition segment:

  • Bifocal Optim Smart is the bifocal lens without a pill and with invisible section. They are modern bifocal lenses, processed with FreeForn with a gradual invisible transition from far to near. There is no visible addition segment. They guarantee a comfortable, distortion free vision of the dividing line, specific to conventional bifocal lenses, a faster accommodation and are  more aesthetic.
  • Bifocal Optim FT28 (Flat Top with 28 mm segment size) have the near segment semi-round and the passing zone is flat. The maximum width of the near segment is 28 mm.
  • Bifocal Optim R24 (Round segment with 24 mm size) have the near segment perfectly round, 24 mm diameter
  • Bifocal Optim R28 (Round segment with 28 mm size) have the near segment perfectly round, 28 mm diameter
  • Bifocal Optim Executive (Wide addition segment, on the lower half of the lens) with a very generous near zone, but with visible section