Interoptik is a Romanian private company, specialized in developing, producing and distributing high quality lenses. Started as a family business, Interoptik became in the meantime one of the market leaders in Romania.

Founded in 1992 by Ioan Lădariu, Interoptik’s story started “from scratch“, but with a lot of enthusiasm. A team of kind people and with a lot of experience in producing ophthalmic lenses, lays the foundation of a new company, in a period with many challenges. The activity was initially exclusively on the production of mineral lenses. Step by step, the portfolio has diversified, reaching today thousands of different power combinations, materials and coatings.


Here at Interoptik we look with clarity into the future, offering ophthalmic lenses at the highest quality standard available on the market. We strongly believe that only through competence, involvement and seriousness we can produce high quality products.

Our team philosophy is based on trust, commitment and honesty. These, together with industrial expertise and optics experience have made it possible to built strong and lasting relationships with our clients, based on fairness and respect.

We aim to be the perfect partner, offering the ideal combination between high quality ophthalmic lenses, quality frames and glazzing services.


We believe we are different from many other companies, because we do everything with passion. We still collaborate today with our first client from 1992, our personnel maintaining rate is over 90%, and the contracts with the brands we represent are only on long term.

We respect optics and we do everything how it should be done. And these are not just words, for more than 28 years this is the path to success, the path for prosperity and performance.

We strongly believe in the lenses we produce and we continuously invest in their development. We put soul in every lens we produce and this can be seen.


Our activity was marked from the beginning by the close partnership with the German Concern Rodenstock, whose exclusive representative we are in Romania, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova.

Also, we are exclusive representative in Romania of the frames manufacturers Wagner Kuhner Germany, Flair Germany, Aoyama Germany and Opal France.

Technically, we have strong partnerships with Optotech Germany for surface processing technology, AR Robotics Belgium for testing, SCL Switzerland for hard coating and Leybold Germany for coatings.


Located in Timişoara, a traditional lenses production city, Interoptik Laboratory covers an area of 2,000 square meters and is equipped with advanced systems of production and quality control. It was designed and built from scratch for the production of ophthalmic lenses.

Over 100 specialists work in the Interoptik Laboratory, the activity taking place in 3 shifts. 3000 lenses are shipped daily from our warehouse which hosts 500,000 lenses, to our customers in 8 countries.

They give us the inspiration and motivation to raise the standard continuously. Through constant improvement and investment in the latest technology, we produce lenses to the highest standard.


The sustained development of the last 28 years has been the natural result of massive and continuous investments in the latest processing technology. Because this is the only way we can offer our customers high end products and high standard services.

Since the beginning we have been collaborating with world leading companies in the technology field and lens production equipment. At the moment, surface processing is completely automated, during all stages: from the first wrapping operation, to locking, milling, polishing, engraving, to unlocking and washing.

We also use industrial robots for intermediate control, final control, marking, packing and labeling of the lenses.


Experience: every day we do our best to make the next lens we produce better than the previous one. We learn from experience because we are a dynamic company that develops step by step.

Operational procedures are refined in order to reduce to a minimum the possibility of errors. All operations that are performed on each lens are recorded and documented for perfect traceability.

The materials used in production are purchased from Rodenstock and the testing of the production process is done regularly in the testing laboratories in Germany.


Some of the milestones that have marked the history of our company: 

  • 1992 we produce the first mineral single vision lens
  • 1994 we produce the first mineral bifocal lens
  • 1997 we have the first coated lens
  • 1998 we produce the first progressive lens
  • 2001 we reach 1 000 000 Interoptik lenses
  • 2007 we produce, for the first time in Romania, the first lens using Free Form technology 
  • 2012 we move to the new factory built from scratch  
  • 2015 we extend in Hungary through our own subsidiary 
  • 2015 the lens numbered 6 000 000 leaves the factory
  • 2016 we launch Interoptik OnLine – the online platform for ordering and customizing ophthalmic lenses


We think on long term and we care about the environment, that’s why we have invested in an integrated power management system.
Ecological: The hot water is ecologically produced by solar panels. The cooling system is also ecological, using geothermal energy.
Over 40% of the electricity we use is green, from the 300 photovoltaic panels installed on the building.
Efficient: The modern building is energetic optimized, the heat resulted from the technological process is recovered by high end pumps for reduced environmental impact.
Responsible: efficient LED lightning, the use of only recycled packing materials as well as recycling over 90% of the industrial waste.


In order to be closer to our customers, in 2015 we opened our regional warehouse in Iași, followed a year later by the one in Cluj and in 2018 by the one in Bucharest.

All these logistic centers serve our customers in the region with finished stock products as well as lenses optimization and glazzing services.  

Additionally, we have representatives in the territory in Cluj, Brașov, Iași, Galați, Bucharest, Craiova and Timișoara.


Interoptik products and services reach thousand of opticians in Europe every day.

We distribute in Romania, Hungary and the Republic of Moldova both Interoptik and Aveo own brand lenses, as well as the premium brand lenses Rodenstock.

Since 2015, we have been operating in Hungary, directly through our own representative office, Interoptik Lenses Kft. in Budapest.

Interoptik lenses are also present in Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Germany.


Interoptik offers a complete lenses portfolio, divided into three line products suitable for any client.
In addition, Interoptik offers frames and sunglasses, as well as a high-performance glazzing service, including lenses optimization for each frame.

We strongly believe that in Romania too can be produced top quality products and we continuously invest in this.  Our team philosophy is based on trust, commitment and honesty. All these, together with our industrial expertise and optics experience, have made it possible to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients, based on fairness and respect.