If you like reading, cooking, you have a meticulous hobby or spend a lot of time in front of the computer, then you are certainly familiar with these conditions: tension, “burning” eyes, headaches, constant fatigue.

When working indoor, your vision must adapt to different distances: to the desk, to the monitor or to your colleagues. After several hours, this becomes tiring. The solution: multifocal glasses with degressive lenses for near and intermediate zone.

why office glasses with degreesive lenses?

Because they offer the widest visual zone for intermediate (monitor, desk, board) and near (reading, drawing, arms area of action). Progressive lenses offer clear vision for all three visual distances, but the intermediate zone is the narrowest. In order to see clearly the monitor with progressive lenses, you have to move a lot the head and unconsciously adopt an unnatural posture. 

Office glasses with degressive lenses are designed exactly for the requirements at the working place, saving you of visual stress and an uncomfortable position.

when are office glasses useful?

Office glasses prove their usefulness when we work long periods of time indoors. Our eyes are overworked when we look for many hours at near and intermediate distance. Whether we look at the monitor, read or draw, long hours at the work place, in artificial light, subject the eyes to considerable effort.

Changing visual distance between the keyboard, desktop documents, computer screen or drawing board, results in fatigue. Using office glasses with Interoptik degressive lenses help your eyes along the working day indoors.

Compared to progressive lenses, which cover all visual zones, degressive lenses focus on the near and intermediate zone. The lack of far distance zone allows wider zones for near and intermediate and a finer passing between them. In this way, the eye is helped to focus quicker and easier. 

Due to the fact that the intermediate zone is very wide and you can clearly see the monitor on its entire surface, the position of the body when in front of the computer is more natural, delaying the appearance of fatigue.

Compared to reading glasses, which are optimized for a reading distance of 40 cm, degressive glasses extend the visual zone up to room distance. This way, you no longer have to bend forward to see the monitor clearly or take off your glasses when a colleague enters the office.

prepared for digital life

At work, the eyes are forced to look at different distances, from the desk to the monitor and to colleagues. This can be tiring: looking for a long period of time at screens leads to dry eyes, headaches or tension.

The solution: office glasses with degressive Office lenses from Interoptik. They are adapted to your movements and your usual visual distance, so you lighten your eyes and the pressure on your posture. You have more energy for more important things. Relaxed at the computer with Interoptik office glasses.

what is important for degressive glasses?


Being multifocal lenses, accommodating with degressive lenses may take time. But over time you train your vision and you can normally look at the desired distance. For Interoptik degressive lenses, the accommodation period is very short, which means you benefit from a perfect vision inside, from the first moment of wearing.


Degressive glasses must be perfectly positioned: they must not move or slip on your nose when you move around. Your optician will adjust the frame and center the degressive lenses from Interoptik taking into account the shape of your face, pupillary distance and pupil height. A good fit guarantees the best possible visual experience.


Looking through the edge of the degressive lenses can lead to unwanted effects called “aberrations”.  This distortion effect can appear at the edge of the lens, due to optical power change, unlike to single vision lenses. At first, these distortions can cause side effects and discomfort. With Interoptik customized degressive lenses, these effects are reduced to a minimum and are almost imperceptible. 


Interoptik designs and develops degressive lenses for an optimal visual experience when working in the office. Uncompromising aesthetic and a visual quality very close to the natural one. Find more about our degressive lenses.