Office Glasses

Multifocal glasses with degressive are ideal for indoor activities, offering clear vision at near and intermediate distance.

Office Glasses



Office glasses with degressive lenses for near and intermediate from Interoptik are specially designed to provide the widest visual zones for intermediate and near vision

When and for whom are office glasses suited?

Read more and find out if office glasses are suited for your needs and lifestyle.

For whom are office glasses suited?

Do you like reading, cooking, do you have a meticulous hobby or do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer? If the answer is yes, then it is very likely that these conditions are also familiar to you: tension, “burning” eyes, headaches, the feeling of constant fatigue.

And all of this because when you work indoors, your vision has to adapt to different distances: to the desk, to the monitor or to your colleagues. After several hours, however, this becomes tiring. The solution: office glasses with degressive lenses from Interoptik!

These lenses are specially designed to provide the widest visual zones at intermediate (monitor, desk, whiteboard) and near (reading, drawing, arm range).

Office lenses from Interoptik are adapted to your movements and your usual visual distance, so you can lighten your eyes and the pressure on your posture. You have more energy for more important things. Relaxed in front of the computer with Interoptik office glasses! Find out more about Office lenses and what makes them so great, here:


Being multifocal lenses, accommodating with degressive lenses may take time. But over time you can train your vision and look normally at the desired distance. 

The good news is that with Interoptik degreasing lenses, the adaptation period is very short.


Degressive lenses must be perfectly positioned: they must not move or slip on your nose when you move around. 

Your optician will adjust the frame and center the degressive lenses from Interoptik taking into account the shape of your face, pupillary distance and pupil height.

To make sure you get the best service when it comes to the ideal fit, you can book an appointment with one of our optician partners.


Looking through the edge of the degressive lenses can lead to unwanted effects called “aberrations”. At first, these distortions can cause side effects and discomfort, but with Interoptik customized degressive lenses, these effects are reduced to a minimum and are almost imperceptible.


Interoptik designs and develops degressive lenses for an optimal visual experience when working in the office: uncompromising aesthetic and a visual quality very close to the natural one. Find out more about our degressive lenses.



Do you work a lot at the office and progressive lenses are not enough? Try a pair of degressive lenses for near and intermediate comfort.