Children’s Glasses

For a clear vision at school, but also while playing outside.

Children’s Glasses



Offer your children the best possible vision and increased comfort, all in complete safety, with Interoptik glasses specially designed for the children!

When and for whom are children's glasses useful?

Read more and find out if children’s glasses are suited for your child’s needs and lifestyle.

Did you know that approximately one in five children need glasses?

Unlike adult’s eyes, children’s eyes have larger pupils and clearer crystals, with less pigment – as a result, children’s eyes are much more sensitive to light. For this reason, a specialist consultation is recommended from an early age, even without symptoms of poor vision.

Seeing well from the first moments: this is essential for your child’s health and can be achieved with the right pair of children’s glasses. And, the first condition for your little one to wear the glasses is that he likes them and is excited about them. In the children’s frame portfolio from Interoptik you can find the modern Disney collections, which will surely please the little one.  For your child to achieve the best possible vision, not only is a light and comfortable frame important, but also the right lenses.

Very light, impact resistant but also with UV protection included, Interoptik’s Kids lenses have been designed to withstand many challenges, thanks to the Hard coating that makes the lens surface immune to daily tests. 

Family history 

Many visual impairments are hereditary and if parents or siblings have eye diseases, the pediatrician should transfer the patient to a specialist ophthalmologist between the 6th and the 12th month of life


Signs that may indicate the need for glasses:

  • Squint, deviation of the eyeball in different directions
  • Frequent blinking or rubbing the eyes to often
  • Getting objects too close to the eye
  • Particular sensitivity to light


Specialist consult 

It is recommended that the first specialist consultation takes place by the age of 3 years old. Many young children need glasses for temporary problems that can be corrected over time with the help of lenses.


Discover for yourself the materials we use in the production process of Kids lenses and the reasons why they are so resistant to daily challenges.



For every lens we produce, we choose and use only the best materials on the market.