They have single vision lenses that offer comfort for one distance only and are in general used for clear vision for far or near distance. Unfortunately, there are still many who believe the myth that wearing glasses early on affects the eyes. There’s nothing more false. 

People experiencing unnecessarily blured vision for a long period of time, get nothing but headaches and tension of the neck. Therefor, at the first sign of decreasing eyesight, you need a professional examination (refraction): the base for your individual glasses and a more relaxed life.


These are the glasses used for activities that involve far distance vision: driving, practicing sports, while walking or at the cinema.

Whether your problem is myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism: Interoptik personalized lenses are the perfect solution for far distance vision. 

The perfect pair of glasses must combine the shape and the function. It must be the ideal combination of design and premium material used. Aesthetics and trends are important, but the quality of the individual elements remains decisive for your perfect experience.


They are used for reading or near vision activities, up to 40-60 cm.

Eliminate the disadvantages of near vision with a good pair of near vision glasses. They ensure optimal focus of the eye while reading.

Regardless of the purpose of the glasses, you must pay attention to an optimal UV protection for the eyes. At Interoptik we produce a wide range of lenses that optimally protect the eyes from UV radiation. For you, this means: safety, regardless of shade and color.

Intelligent glasses for a multimedia life style.

Our eyes were planned by nature to look into the distance. In the new digital era in which we live and work, we are forced to use very much near distance (reading, smartphone, computer).

Short distances used for reading and frequent changes of the angles between the phone and the environment stress out the eyes. More and more people are complaining of tired eyes, headaches and lack of concentration and attention.

With the intelligent glases with Relax lenses from Interoptik, your eyes are helped when reading. A reading aid area is located at the bottom of the lens. This makes it easier to adapt the eyes to different distances and guarantees a relaxed and fatigue-free vision.


No matter what we use them for, the right glasses must combine clear vision with the perfect look. Since 1992, we have made sure that all these aspects are managed for you, without compromise. In choosing the right pair of glasses, in addition to the latest fashion trends, the most important aspect to take into account is your face.

We aim to produce the perfect harmony between the lenses, frame and your physiognomy. The lenses and the frame, the two decisive components of the glasses, are especially adapted for you and your needs. Your unique glasses fit you perfectly, being produced based on high precision measurements.


Interoptik multi-aspherical lenses made with FreeForm technology are less curved and thinner than the conventional ones. The shape and the size of these lenses make them the perfect choice for those with high diopters. Lighter, thinner and reducing by up to 30% the effect of visually enlarging the eye from the outside.


The right lenses

The best lenses are the ones produced individually for that eye. In addition to your individual prescription, we add the physiological parameters such as the shape of the face, the size of the frame, interpupillary distance and your individual visual habits, when calculating and producing Interoptik lenses.

Anti-reflection coatings

In order for your glasses to offer you a clear lasting vision, your lenses must have a coating too. This invisible protective layer improves the durability and anti-reflection properties of the lenses. Thanks to high-tech Quarz coating, Interoptik lenses have increased scratch resistance and are dirt, grease and water repellent. They also reduce the annoying reflections, ensuring a clear vision. 

Adapted for comfort

For perfect vision, the glasses must be optimally adapted not only to the eyes, but also to the shape of the face and head. This ensures that the glasses are comfortable when you wear them for a long time. The temples of the frame must be perfectly adjusted by the optician, taking into account your individual needs for each frame.


Each lens shipped from Interoptik’s factory is unique. In order to meet even the most complicated individual requirements, our specialists with over 30 years of experience use only the latest technology.