Near Comfort Lenses

Do you work a lot at the office and progressive lenses are not enough? Try a pair of degressive lenses for near and intermediate comfort.

Near Comfort Lenses


Interoptik Office degressive lenses are intended for presbyopes, for near and intermediate clear vision.

They are recommended to all customers who don’t want to be limited by the characteristics of the conventional near glasses, offering visual comfort for short and medium distance.

Office lenses are available in four generations, depending on their performances: Free, Perso, Unique and Unique 4K.

Office Free

Office Perso

Office Unique

Office Unique 4K

office-free office-4k

See the differences between Free and Unique 4K ranges

Compared to progressive lenses, Office offers larger near and intermediate visual zones  and much greater spatial depth than reading single vision lenses.

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Perfect for a successful day at the office

Our lenses are manufactured with MaxResolution technology to provide maximum clarity in “4K” resolution.