For clearer and stronger lenses we apply a complete series of optical filters, coatings and mirrors. Optical filters have different purposes: they enhance the contrast between colors, filter some wavelengths providing protection in front of monitors, are designed for sun or driving protection.

For organic lenses protection we use hardening technology based on lacquer or quartz. They protect the surface of the lens from mechanical actions.

The elimination of reflections is obtained by applying anti-reflection coatings. They include superhydrophobic layers for dust and water repellence and easier cleaning.

For more style you can choose mirror coatings.


Sun optical filters are especially for sunglasses, have a high level of darkening and offer 100% UV protection. Are available in the classic shades Grey, Brown and Green or in modern shades Grey-Green, Maron, Black. 

  • Sun: offer sun protection and are suitable for sunglasses with diopters and can be standard or gradient.


Unlike sun filters, Fashion filters are not developed to offer sun protection, have lower intensity and offer extra style. Available in several shades, can be matched with any frame.

  • Fashion: cosmetic filters with lower intensities, for extra style.


Optical filters help the eye in the process of image formation and offer additional protection than the one obtained through lens material and anti-reflection coating. At Interoptik we offer a wide range of optical filters for different purposes.

  • Sport: enhance the contrast between colors for more contoured vision in dynamic conditions.


Interoptik Drive optical filters help the eye in the process of image formation in poor lightning conditions, at night or when it is cloudy. Offer enhanced contrast and together with DriveQuarz ExtraClar coating eliminates the annoying light reflections while driving.

  • Drive: designed for day or night driving, offer more contrast and brightness.


Looking for a long period of time at screens, whether is laptops, computers or tablets, leads to eye strain and fatigue.

  • P.C.: filters some wave lengths (blue light), providing protection in front of monitors.


Modern organic lenses are lighter and thinner than mineral lenses and do not break as easily. However, they are more sensitive to scratches, thus we apply lacquer hardening coating Duritate.

Increasing scratch resistance is obtained by applying a lacquer protective layer on the surface of organic lenses. In this way we increase the resistance to mechanical actions (scratches, abrasions etc). It is included for all Interoptik organic lenses.  


Quarz technology from Interoptik offers increased scratch resistance. The main characteristic of Quarz coatings is the special process of production, which includes the use of hardening technology based on quartz (silicon oxide), for increased resistance to mechanical actions on the surface of the lens.

Assisted Oxygen filing increases the flexibility of the layers and thus the resistance to sudden temperature changes. Quarz technology is included for all Quarz anti-reflection coatings.


Interoptik’s premium Quarz anti-reflection coatings portfolio consists of three products meant to reduce the reflections. In this way, we obtain clearer and more aesthetic lenses, easy to clean and more durable. 

  • SuperQuarz ExtraClar: Modern anti-reflection coating with discreet reflection, blue-green shade
  • BlueQuarz ExtraClar: Anti-reflection coating offering blue light protection in front of the monitors
  • DriveQuarz ExtraClar: Driving anti-reflection coating with modern and discreet reflection, golden shade


For more style, especially for sunglasses with diopters, you can choose from Mirror coatings. They are applied on the front surface of the lens and have a special anti-reflection coating on the back of the lens.

All mirror coatings include a specific pre-tinting.

            • Blue
            • Red
            • Green
            • Yellow
            • Silver
            • Gold


Hydrophobic – oleophobic coating. So that you can easily clean your lenses and keep them clean all day long. ExtraClar coating is included for all Interoptik premium anti-reflection coatings.

This innovative coating gives the lenses a considerable finesse, so nothing sticks and the lenses remain clean.

  • Water, dirt and dust repellent
  • Easier cleaning, no marks on the lens 
  • Lenses stay clean for a longer period of time