Driving Glasses

Ensures increased comfort in the car, in all lighting conditions, for more safety while driving, both day and night.

Driving Glasses



With Interoptik’s Drive driving glasses, your journey will become more relaxed and safer, and your eyes will enjoy a clear and comfortable vision.

When and for whom are driving glasses useful?

Read more and find out if driving glasses are suited for your needs and lifestyle.

For whom are driving glasses useful?

Whether you are a passionate driver who drives many kilometers or just an occasional driver, good vision behind the wheel is very important, precisely because it means safety. 

All drivers are familiar with the challenges that the eyes must overcome: blinding headlights and changing lightning conditions. With Interoptik Drive glasses your trip is safer and more relaxed.

Because they have increased contrast, obtained with a 10% Drive filter, which is helpful in difficult lighting conditions. It is combined with an anti-reflective coating, especially designed for drivers and optimized on the wavelength of LED and XENON headlights. These lenses can be used both day and night, but also as a normal pair of glasses for the whole day.

The right lenses 

The best lenses are those produced individually for that eye. At the same time, it must offer freedom of movement of the eye, provide sharp vision at a distance but at the same time be able to see without restrictions the dashboard, dashboard instruments and rear-view mirrors.

Day and night

The perfect pair of driving glasses should give us enhanced contrast and reduced reflections, both day and night. It is even more important to reduce the disturbing reflection caused by street lights or car’s headlights when it’s raining and dark.

Anti-reflective coatings

In order for your glasses to give you a clear lasting vision, your lenses shall have an anti-reflective coating. And at Interoptik we have developed a special DriveQuarz ExtraClar coating for driving lenses.

Polarized filter

During the day, when the road is wet and the sun reflects on it, the light is polarized from the horizontal surface of the road and it’s almost impossible to see clearly. This effect can be eliminated by applying a polarized filter in the lens.


Whether you only need far distance lenses or progressive lenses, at Interoptik we can produce both of them in Drive variant!



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