A good vision while driving is very important for each driver, regardless of lightning conditions, and it depends on various factors. Multiple research have shown that disturbing reflection can reduce visual acuity by up to 30%, that’s why it is very important that they are eliminated.

63% of drivers are afraid that they will be blinded when driving at night. In the European Union, more than 300,000 accidents every year, are caused by poor vision. 7 out of 10 senior drivers, that don’t wear glasses while driving, would not pass a vision test. Do you see well while driving?

when are driving lenses useful?

For passionate drivers who drive many kilometers or for those who drive occasionally, a good vision means safety. All drivers are familiar with the challenges that the eyes must overcome: blinding headlights and changing lightning conditions. With Interoptik Drive glasses your trip is safer and more relaxed.

why drive from iNTEROPTIK?

Because it has increased contrast, obtained with a 10% Drive filter, which is helpful in difficult lightning conditions. It is combined with an anti-reflection coating, especially designed for drivers and optimized on the wavelength of LED and XENON headlights. These lenses can be used both day and night. Additionally, they can also be used after getting out of the car, as a normal pair of glasses. You can simply use your new driving glasses as a perfect pair of glasses all day long.

Did you know that color filters applied on the lens with over 20% intensity can’t be used anymore, by law, for driving at night?

enhanced CONTRAST

Enhanced contrast means first of all that the driver will have a sharper and more contoured vision, so he will notice all details much better. This benefit becomes especially important in the evening, at dust or when it’s cloudy, when lightning conditions decrease.

reduced reflections

In the evening or at night, but especially when is raining, the light from the headlights is a real obstacle for clear vision. Drive lenses from Interoptik provide reduced reflections due to DriveQuarz ExtraClar coating, especially designed for drivers.


The right lenses

The best lenses are those produced individually for that eye. When we are driving, it is very important to have a clear vision and to approximate the distances correctly. The lenses must give us freedom of movements of the eye, a sharp vision for far distance, but at the same to be able to see the board without restrictions, the instrument panel and rear mirrors.

Day and night

The perfect pair of driving glasses should give us enhanced contrast and reduced reflections, both day and night. It is even more important to reduce the disturbing reflection caused by street light or car’s headlights when is raining and dark.

Anti-reflection coating

In order for your glasses to give you a clear lasting vision, your lenses shall have an anti-reflection coating. This invisible protection layer improves the durability and anti-reflection properties of your lenses. For driving lenses, we have developed a special coating – DriveQuarz ExtraClar.

Polarized filter

During the day, when the road is wet and the sun is reflected in it, the light is polarized and it’s almost impossible to see clearly. This effect can be eliminated by applying a polarized filter in the lens, a filter that blocks the polarized light. For you, this means more safety. These lenses are only recommended for daytime use.


Whether you just need lenses for distance or you need progressive lenses, that give you freedom both for distance and near, now you can have both in Drive variant for driving. Enhanced contrast, reduced reflections and freedom of movement for more safety.