Computer Glasses

By applying a filter in the lens material and a special anti-reflective coating, the computer glasses offer increased protection in front of digital devices.

Computer Glasses



Interoptik computer glasses, especially designed to enhance the contrast between colors and filter the excess of blue light, are the perfect solution for all those who look at digital screens for several hours a day.

When and for whom are computer glasses useful?

Read more and find out if computer glasses are suited for your needs and lifestyle.

For whom are computer glasses useful?

Do you spend a lot of time in front of screens, whether we’re talking about a laptop, computer or tablet screen? After a day spent at the office, do you often feel stinging eyes and “dry eye” sensation that is usually also accompanied by itching, burning eyes, blurred vision, double vision and colored spots?

This is due to the high contrast of the screens as well as the areas with very different light intensities, which puts a lot of strain on the eyes. Another challenge to your eyes is the unnaturally high amount of blue light emitted by digital screens.

Interoptik computer glasses are the right solution for all those who look at digital screens for several hours a day.

The lenses are specially designed, to increase the contrast between colors, with  P.C. filters. (available in 5 shades: BROWN / GREEN / BLUE / ROSE / ORANGE). At the same time, Interoptik office glasses filter excess blue light thanks to the BlueQuarz ExtraClar anti-reflective coating.

This coating can be applied to colorless lenses or can be combined with P.C. filters, both on single vision and progressive or degreasing lenses.

If you are curious to know more about the coatings we apply to Interoptik lenses, you will find the complete information here: The solution: glasses with Relax lenses from Interoptik!

With the help of these lenses, which have a reading aid area positioned at the bottom, your eyes will always be relaxed and you will have the best visual experiences!


Interoptik designs and develops solutions for those who spend several hours a day in front of digital screens. Regardless of whether you choose a P.C. filter, an anti-reflective coating, or their combination, with Interoptik lenses you can be sure that you have the perfect solution.



At Interoptik we offer a complete portfolio of coatings and filters that we apply to lenses so that you can enjoy the clearest and most comfortable vision possible.