Sport Glasses

They are the ideal solution during sports activities, being also available in the extracurved variant.

Sport Glasses



Clear vision is very important when practicing sports. Whether it’s cycling, basketball or golf, it is important to see well at all times.

When and for whom are sports glasses useful?

Read more and find out if sport glasses are suited for your needs and lifestyle.

For whom are sports glasses suitable?

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional athlete, you’ve probably used your normal glasses while playing sports by now. You will be surprised, however, by the performances you can achieve with a good pair of sports glasses, especially if you are limited by your poor vision. Therefore, they are suitable for all people who want to continue to enjoy dynamic sports activities and a clear vision, protected against everything that can enter into the eyes during sports: wind, dust, insects, as well as the strong rays of the sun.

Sports frames are often curved and are a challenge from an optical point of view. Sport frames with curved lenses require a lot of expertise in production in order to allow you to see clearly and without distortions up to the edge of the lens.

And Sport lenses from Interoptik are produced using FreeForm technology and atorical optimization AOT. This means that every point in the lens is optimized for the eye, taking into account the base curve of the frame.

In addition, you can customize your experience by choosing from a wide variety of color filters, bright or very dark, photochromic, polarized or mirrored lenses.

Choosing the frame 

Depending on the sport you practice, the frame must be chosen to offer impact resistance, excellent wind protection, to stay fixed on the head and not disturb you in any way. It is also very important that the frame you chose allows glazing the lenses with your diopters.

Durable lenses 

Make sure that your sport lenses are impact resistant, flexible and very light. In the materials portfolio from Interoptik you can choose from the newest organic materials available in the optical industry. 

Clear in any conditions

When we practice sports, the lenses can get dirty very quickly. But, due to the super-hydrophobic properties of Quarz anti-reflective coating from Interoptik, the lenses repel the dirt and are easier to clean, even in extreme conditions. 

Multifocal variant

For active people over 40 years there is the multifocal variant, with sport progressive lenses. Excelit Sport lenses from Interoptik are especially designed for optimal use of far distance zones.


Interoptik offers you a wide portfolio of lenses specially optimized for this type of frames. Available as single vision or progressive, they can be ordered in several flexible or impact-resistant materials.



When it comes to design, we offer our customers a complete range of products to satisfy even the most demanding requirements and needs.