Progressive Glasses

Multifocal glasses with progressive lenses offer comfort at all three distances: near, intermediate and distance.

Progressive Glasses



Glasses with progressive lenses from Interoptik are adapted for all types of distance and will ensure your clear vision without having to switch between two pairs of glasses!

When and for whom are progressive glasses useful?

Read more and find out if progressive glasses are suited  for your needs and lifestyle.

For whom are progressive glasses useful?

Do you have an active lifestyle? Do you often work on a laptop and enjoy reading? Our eyes change as we age and as we put more stress on them, and around the age of 40 most people begin to suffer from a very natural process: the deterioration of near vision. And because the crystalline lens of the eye is no longer as elastic, it becomes increasingly difficult for the eye to switch between near and distance vision.

So, if you are facing such vision problems, Interoptik’s progressive lenses are the perfect solution for you: individualized lenses for all types of distance, which ensure clear vision with just one pair of glasses!


In some cases, switching to progressive lenses may take time. But, over time, you will train your vision and be able to see normally at the desired distance. The good thing is that with Interoptik progressive lenses, the accommodation period is very short compared to traditional lenses.  


Progressive glasses must be perfectly positioned: they must not move or slip on your nose when you move around. Your optician will adjust the frame and center the progressive lenses from Interoptik taking into account the shape of your face, pupillary distance and pupil height. To make sure you get the best service when it comes to the ideal fit, you can book an appointment at one of our partner opticians:   


Looking through a progressive lens in combination with the movements of the head can cause unwanted effects called “aberration”. These strains can cause side effects, like headaches. With customized progressive lenses from Interoptik, these side effects are reduced to a minimum and are almost imperceptible.


Interoptik designs and develops customized progressive lenses for an optimal visual experience. Discover our entire range and choose the ones that suit your needs.



For optimal vision at all distances use our top progressive lenses.