Progressive Lenses

For optimal vision at all distances use the top progressive lenses produced by us.

Progressive Lenses


Depending on the technologies used in the production process and the degree of the individualization, Interoptik progressive lenses are divided into several generations.

With the help of your optician, you can choose from four types of Excelit progressive lenses from Interoptik, suitable for any situation.

Excelit Free

Excelit Perso

Excelit Unique

Excelit Unique 4K

Excelite-free.jpg Excelite-unique-4k.jpg

See the differences between the Free and Unique ranges

Choose the right lens for your needs.

They are available in a wide range of production domains (+18,00 dpt / -20,00 dpt), refraction indexes ( 1.5, 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74) and materials (colorless, photochromic and polarized).

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Adapted to your lifestyle

excelit DRIVE

Specially designed for the best and safest driving experience.

excelit SPORT

For safety and clarity during dynamic sports

They offer you maximum visual performance and wearing comfort like never before.

While practicing sports you can choose Excelit Sport and if you want maximum performance while driving, you can choose Excelit Drive. Experience improved progressive design and high precision processing. 

The production domains are wide (+12,00 dpt / -12,00 dpt) in a wide range of indexes (1.5, 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74) an d materials (colorless, photochromic or polarized).

Choose the optimal option for your needs!


The best progressive lens.

It offers a comfortable vision at all distances, with a plus for intermediate distances, very wide visual zones, high clarity and contoured details. It adapts quickly and has a peripheral positioning of aberrations so that they do not disturb. The lens also provides maximum transparency and the most generous visual field at intermediate distances.

High performance design

The Unique 4K design is the advanced evolution of the successful individualized Unique design, having as its main feature the use of a higher resolution in the calculation of the progressive surface.

Max Resolution

The higher resolution of the lenses allows for an extended progressive surface, providing optimal positioning of aberrations towards the periphery and widening the useful visual zones.

Excelit Unique 4k

Premium customized lens, offering unique performance for the most demanding wearers.

Clear vision without compromise!

The Excelit Unique 4K range gives you clear and precise vision at all distances without having to switch between two pairs of glasses. Whether you are enjoying the beauty of the sea, chatting with your partner or reading the newspaper, these lenses provide you with comfortable visual areas and a superior quality of vision.

Advanced technology dedicated to clear vision.

Whatever your lifestyle, enjoy the best performing lens from Interoptik.

Individual parameters

Made taking into account the individual parameters of each wearer – for customers who want progressives at the best performance

Produced using Free Form technology with the advanced Active Driven Polishing process. It allows a larger progressive surface to be integrated into the same lens

Atorical optimization AOT together with consideration of the individual parameters guarantees wide visual zones up to the periphery of the lens, especially in the intermediate zone

Clear vision with the same pair of glasses