The first step in obtaining an ophthalmic lens with superior optical properties is to use a quality optical material. For this reason, in producing Interoptik prescription lenses, we use only raw material of the highest quality. 

All Interoptik lenses have a 2 year warranty for resistance over time, photochromic action and polarizing filter. 


High End Pressling by Rodenstock.

In producing Interoptik colorless lenses we use HEP semi-finished Materials. They are produced by German Concern Rodenstock out of the best quality materials, being characterized by high homogeneity, precision and stability over time.


The new organic material produced by Rodenstock, which offers extended UV protection in the material up to 410 nm. It filters blue light for additional protection, but offers in the same time clear lenses, without the yellow shade. 

Available in 1.6 and 1.67 indexes for colorless lenses.


For the production of Interoptik photochromic lenses we use high-performance ColorMatic materials developed by Rodenstock. With a tradition of decades, ColorMatic technology is recognized for top photochromic performance.

  • ColorMatic IQ 2: with a large reaction range, from 8% to 85%, they are perfectly clear on the inside and dark on the outside.
  • ColorMatic IQ 2 Sun: Especially for sunglasses with diopter, they have a reaction range from 55% to 85%, the lenses remaining dark inside the room. 


Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™ are the first intelligent photochromic lenses with the revolutionary nano-composite technology that push photochromic performances to a new level and offer optimal vision, comfort and protection throughout the day.

  • Transitions Signature Gen 8: reaction range from  8% to 85%, with complete UV protection. 
  • Transitions XTRActive: activate themselves even behind the windshield and keep the photochromic properties at high temperature too. 


Nupolar polarized lenses produced by Younger Optic are especially designed to block glare caused by horizontal surfaces.

  • Nupolar: Sun protection lenses with polarized filter and wearer’s diopters. Available in 3 colors, brown, grey and grey-green. 
  • DriveWear: Polarized lenses especially designed for use inside the car.


Trivex offers superior optical properties comparing with other materials, it is very resistant and offers very light lenses – it is one of the lightest materials available on the market.

Perfect for sport or protection glasses, due to impact resistance.


Xtractive Polarized lenses produced by Transitions are photochromic polarized lenses, especially designed to react to light intensity changes and block glare caused by horizontal surfaces.