Bifocal lenses are the solution for those who prefer the variant with two single vision lenses gathered in one. There are two types of bifocals: with visible pill and the ones produced using Free Form technology, without visible addition segment.

Classic bifocals are available in four addition segment variants :

  • Bifocal Optim FT28 (Flat Top with segment size of 28 mm) they have the near segment semi-round and the passing zone is flat. The maximum width of near segment is of 28 mm
  • Bifocal Optim R24 (Round segment size of 24 mm) have the near segment perfectly round, in 24 mm diameter
  • Bifocal Optim R28 (Round segment size of 28 mm) have the near segment perfectly round, in 28 mm diameter
  • Bifocal Optim Executive (Wide addition segment, on the lower half of the lens) with a very generous near zone, but with visible section

Modern bifocals have no visible addition segment:

  • Bifocal Optim Smart is the bifocal lens without a pill and with an invisible section. They are modern bifocal lenses, processed with Free Form with a gradual invisible transition from far to near. There is no visible addition segment. They guarantee a comfortable, distortion free vision of the dividing line, specific to conventional bifocal lenses, a faster adaptation and are more aesthetic.