Unique individualized lenses are calculated and produced taking into account the position of the lens in front of the eye. Four parameters are taken into account for progressive design individualization: pupillary distance, pantoscopic tilt, frame curvature and vertex distance.

Using these parameters for individualizing the aspherical design, the real position of the lens in front of the eye is take into account, thus obtaining the optimization of the eye – glasses system. This optimization guarantees 100% correction of the eye, regardless of the chosen frame.


Because each wearer has different expectation from the progressive lenses he wears, you have the possibility to choose from 3 design types:

Distance: Focus on the far distance zone. For drivers, sports people, outdoor activities.

Balanced: Balanced design. For every day use, offers optimum balance between the three visual zones.  

Near: Focus on the near distance zone. Especially for indoor use or at the work place. 


Max Resolution technology used in producing Unique 4K lenses involves the use of a higher resolution. The resolution used in calculating the progressive surface is 30% higher than for the conventional progressive lenses.

Using a higher resolution allows integrating a wider progressive surface in the same lens. The wider progressive surface permits optimum positioning of the aberrations to the edge of the lens, thus widening the visual zones.


Unique 4K design, the most advanced progressive design from Interoptik, is the advanced evolution of the successful Unique individualized design and has as main characteristic the use of a higher resolution in calculating the progressive surface.

The benefits of Unique 4K are comfortable vision at all distances, with an extra for the intermediate, wider visual zones, highly increased clarity and outlined details, very fast accommodation, minimum subsequent adjustment, positioning aberrations to the edge of the lens.


Is an asymmetric design, especially designed for far distance zone use and offers visual freedom when looking on the sides. It offers maximum visual fields for far distance, optimized for sports people, or for those who use near zone only occasionally.

The fact that the focus is on the far distance zone guarantees a correct and accurate estimation of the distance. Sport progressive design is available only in progressive length M = 16 mm.


Drive progressive design from Interoptik is especially designed for perfect vision while driving. The focus is on the far vision zone and is especially adapted for driver’s needs, allowing quick change of focus.  

  • Clear far distance vision, even for higher diopters. 
  • Image stability for rapid movements of the head. 
  • Unrestricted peripheral vision while driving, when you look on the sides or in the back mirror.